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Anti-NGSS bill introduced in Michigan

House Bill 4972, introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives on September 12, 2013, would, if enacted, require that "[t]he state board model core academic curriculum standards shall not be based on the Next Generation Science Standards."

Polling climate in Ohio

Seventy percent of Ohioans accept that global warming is happening, according to a new report (PDF) from the Yale Project on Climate Communication.

Kansas Republican Party opposes the NGSS

The Kansas Republican Party recently adopted a resolution that calls on state leaders to "prohibit adoption of any standards that require the state to cede any measure of control over their drafting and revision, including but not limited to the Next Generation Science Standards," the Lawrence Journal-World (September 16, 2013) reports.

Editorial praise for Kentucky's adoption of the NGSS

The decision in Kentucky to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards was editorially praised by the Louisville Courier-Journal (September 15, 2013).

"Defending Science Education: Climate as a Second Front for Biologists"

A viewpoint column entitled "Defending Science Education: Climate as a Second Front for Biologists" (PDF), by NCSE's deputy director Glenn Branch, appeared in the September 2013 issue of BioScience, published by the American Institute of Biological Sciences.


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