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Judy Scotchmoor receives Pojeta award

Judy ScotchmoorJudy Scotchmoor

NCSE is pleased to congratulate Judy Scotchmoor on receiving the Pojeta Award, which recognizes "exceptional professional or public service by individuals or groups in the field of paleontology above and beyond that of existing formal roles or responsibilities," from the Paleontological Society.

Branch reviews The Not-So-Intelligent Designer

Cover of The Not-So-Intelligent Designer

NCSE's deputy director Glenn Branch reviewed Abby Hafer's The Not-So-Intelligent Designer (Cascade Books, 2015) for California Classroom Science.

NCSE and the Grand Canyon 2016

One of the 2014 boats running Lava Falls

Explore the Grand Canyon with NCSE! Reservations are still available for NCSE's next excursion to the Grand Canyon — as featured in the documentary No Dinosaurs in Heaven. From June 30 to July 8, 2016, NCSE will again explore the wonders of creation and evolution on a Grand Canyon river run conducted by NCSE's Steve Newton and Josh Rosenau. 

Need a speaker?

As the only national organization that is wholly dedicated to defending the teaching of evolution and climate change in the public schools, NCSE is the perfect place to find someone to speak to your organization or university about issues relevant to evolution and climate education and attacks on either or both.

Friend of Darwin and Friend of the Planet awards for 2016

NCSE is pleased to announce the winners of the Friend of Darwin award for 2016: Andrew J. Petto, a physical anthropologist, who formerly served on NCSE's board of directors and as the editor of Reports of the National Center for Science Education; Donald R. Prothero, a paleontologist and prolific author whose latest book is The Story of Life in 25 Fossils; and Paula Spence, a cartoonist and artist who has been contributing graphics of all sorts to NCSE for almost a decade.


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