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Institute for Creation Research Graduate School v. Paredes et al.

This page collects the legal documents from the case Institute for Creation Research Graduate School v. Raymund A. Paredes et al.

The ICR Graduate School is "an unincorporated educational ministry unit of The Institute for Creation Research, Inc." The defendants are officers of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board; Raymund Paredes is the CEO of the Board and Texas Commissioner of Higher Education. The ICR Graduate School filed two separate suits, one in Texas state court, and another in federal court, in the Northern District of Texas. The suits are identical, save for the fact that the Board itself is named as an additional defendant in the state court suit. The latter suit has been removed to federal court in the Western District of Texas. Judge Jane J Boyle is presiding over the federal case in the Northern District, and Judge Sam Sparks over that in the Western District.

All the legal documentation available to us for these cases is provided at the bottom of this page. It is arranged by case, and secondarily by chronological order.

Note: A number of documents were submitted to the Western District Court by the ICR Graduate School with the heading "Northern District of Texas: Austin Division." This division of the Northern District does not exist. We have assumed that the reference to "Northern District" is erroneous, and have accordingly titled these documents as belonging to the Western District case.

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4/16/09: Northern District--Original Complaint7.51 MB
4/16/09: Northern District--Summons for Defendants1.49 MB
4/16/09: Northern District--Certificate of Interested Persons152.61 KB
4/16/09: Northern District--Exhibit 1: Petition for Contested Case Status5.89 MB
4/16/09: Northern District--Exhibit 2: First Supplement to Petition for Contested Case Status422.86 KB
4/16/09: Northern District--Exhibit 3: Second Supplement to Petition for Contested Case Status711.36 KB
5/11/09: Northern District--Affidavit of Raymund Paredes37.29 KB
5/13/09: Northern District--Defendants' motion to dismiss28.5 KB
5/13/09: Western District--Defendants' answer and affirmative defenses, filed in state court195.12 KB
5/13/09: Western District--Defendants file notice of removal from state court81.08 KB
5/15/09: Western District--Court order for case documents from state court39.53 KB
5/15/09: Western District--Court communication requiring pro hac vice application71.51 KB
5/22/09: Western District--Court order that plaintiff refile complaint158.54 KB
5/26/09: Western District--Court order granting pro hac vice application54.45 KB
5/26/09: Western District--Pro hac vice application for plaintiff133.33 KB
5/27/09: Western District--Court order to plan scheduling60.31 KB
5/27/09: Northern District--Plaintiff's opposition to motion to dismiss530.88 KB
6/2/09: Western District--Amended complaint1.92 MB
6/12/09: Western District--Defendants' partial motion to dismiss217.62 KB
6/15/09: Northern District--Pro hac vice order for John A. Eidsmoe, for plaintiff259.76 KB
6/18/10: Western District--Order294.84 KB
6/19/09: Western District--Plaintiff's Motion for Judgment on Pleadings, with Declaration and Supporting Brief434.35 KB
6/22/09: Northern District--Plaintiff's motion for summary judgment, supporting brief and proposed order396.36 KB
6/24/09: Western District--Plaintiff's proposed order denying partial motion to dismiss62.17 KB
6/24/09: Western District--Plaintiff's response opposing partial motion to dismiss350.11 KB
6/29/09: Western District--Defendants' response opposing motion for judgment on pleadings40.14 KB
6/30/09: Western District--Plaintiff's reply to defendants' response opposing motion for judgment on pleadings183.1 KB
7/6/09: Western District--Joint report on pretrial disclosures and scheduling15.2 KB
7/7/09: Western District--Defendants' reply to plaintiff's response opposing partial motion to dismiss29.69 KB
7/7/09: Western District--Joint proposed scheduling order11.24 KB
7/9/09: Northern District--Defendants' response to motion for summary judgment42.07 KB
7/13/09: Western District--Court Order scheduling date for all pending matters62.16 KB
7/20/09: Western District--Court order denying motion to dismiss and requiring 2nd amended complaint239.58 KB
7/30/09: Western District--Joint scheduling order setting trial for July 2010111.75 KB
8/5/09: Western District--2nd Amended Complaint675.66 KB
8/12/09: Northern District--Joint Status Report161.33 KB
8/17/09: Western District--Defendants' objection and answer to 2nd amended complaint31.89 KB
11/02/09: Northern District--A First Amended Complaint1.68 MB
11/02/09: Northern District--1st Affidavit of Patricia Neson768.54 KB
12/01/09: Northern District--Memorandum Opinion & Order83.46 KB