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Indiana, 2013

One bill to "endeavor to create an environment within accredited schools that encourages students to explore questions, learn about evidence, develop critical thinking skills, and respond appropriately and respectfully to different conclusions and theories concerning subjects that have produced differing conclusions and theories on some topics; and (2) allow a teacher to help students understand, analyze, critique, and review in an objective manner the strengths and weaknesses of conclusions and theories being presented in a course being taught by the teacher," introduced in Indiana in 2013

Oklahoma, 2013

One bill "creating the Oklahoma Science Education Act" introduced in Oklahoma in 2013.

Oklahoma, 2013

One "Scientific Education and Academic Freedom Act" bill introduced in Oklahoma in 2013.

Colorado, 2013

One "academic freedom" bill introduced in Colorado in 2013.

Missouri, 2013

One "academic freedom" act introduced in Missouri in 2013.

Montana, 2013

One bill introduced for "academic freedom" and to "emphasize critical thinking in science education".

Missouri, 2012

One "academic freedom" bill introduced in Missouri in 2012.

Oklahoma, 2012

A bill introduced as "Oklahoma Science Education Act".

Indiana, 2012

Bill introduced in Indiana regarding "rules that require subject matter taught in schools, including science, history, or social studies, that cannot be verified by scientific empirical evidence."

South Carolina, 2009

One "academic freedom" bill was introduced in South Carolina in 2009.


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