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US Congress, 2014

A bill introduced in the United States House of Representatives in 2014, would, if passed, express the House's support of designating February 12, 2014, as Darwin Day.

Michigan, 2013

A bill introduced in Michigan in 2013 that blocks the adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) because of the standards' stance on climate change.

South Carolina, 2014

A bill introduced and enacted in South Carolina in 2014 declaring the Columbian mammoth as the state's official fossil without the Sixth Day Creationist amendments.

Wyoming, 2014

A bill introduced in Wyoming in 2014 that dealt with Wyoming's budget for 2014-2016, and included a footnote which precludes the use of state funds "for any review or adoption" of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). NGSS's stance on climate change seems to be the reason behind the prohibiton of state funds for NGSS.

South Dakota, 2014

A bill introduced in South Dakota in 2014 which would, if enacted, provide that, "[n]o school board or school administrator may prohibit a teacher in public or nonpublic school from providing instruction on intelligent design or other related topics." The bill was sponsored by 5 Senators and 7 Representatives.

Oklahoma, 2014

A bill introduced in Oklahoma in 2014 aimed at depriving administrators of the ability to prevent teachers from miseducating students about "scientific controversies." 

Louisiana, 2014

A bill introduced in Louisiana in 2014 to 'Repeal the Balanced Treatment for Creation-Science and Evolution-Science Act' introduced in 1981.

Louisiana, 2014

A bill introduced in Louisiana in 2014, "In order to repeal the Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:285.1, which implemented the so-called Louisiana Science Education Act, passed and enacted in 2008, and thus opened the door for scientifically unwarranted criticisms of evolution and climate science to be taught in the state's public schools". In other words, this bill is different than most as it was aimed at repealing statutes that were gained by anti-evolution legislature in the past, not to further them.

Discovery Institute's “Model Academic Freedom Statute on Evolution"

On February 7, 2008, the Discovery Institute launched in cooperation with Motive Marketing, one of the companies in charge of promoting Expelled. Among other things, this site contains the following model "academic freedom" bill.

South Dakota, 2014

One bill introduced in South Dakota in 2014, "to prohibit schools from preventing the instruction of intelligent design."


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