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Evolving Banners at the Discovery Institute

The original banner of the Discovery Institute's Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture — the institutional home of "intelligent design" creationism — featured the familiar picture from the Sistine Chapel of God touching Adam:

"Intelligent Design" Not Accepted by Most Scientists

Reprinted with permission from School Board News, Aug. 13, 2002. Copyright 2002. National School Boards Association. All rights reserved.

by Eugenie C. Scott and Glenn Branch

This spring, a subcommittee of the Ohio Board of Education charged with supervising the preparation of the state's science education standards was petitioned by a citizens' group to include "intelligent design" (ID) along with evolution. As ID becomes better known, other state and local school boards might face similar requests.

Analysis of the Discovery Institute's Bibliography

2002 Ohio Board of Education Science Standards

by NCSE Staff

Executive Summary

Doubting Darwinism through Creative License

by Skip Evans

In October and November 2001, the Discovery Institute (DI), a Seattle-based public policy institute, placed advertisements in at least three periodicals, including The New York Review of Books, The New Republic, and The Weekly Standard. The advertisement in The New York Review of Books appeared under the headline "A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism" followed by this text:

Design and Its Critics: Yet Another ID Conference

by Jeff Otto with Andrew Petto

Concordia University in Mequon, Wisconsin, was the site of another "Intelligent Design" conference held on June 22-24, 2000. Under the rubric "Design and Its Critics" (DAIC), the conference brought together the leading lights of the "Intelligent Design" (ID) movement with several critics from a variety of disciplines in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. There was a variety of plenary and concurrent sessions throughout the weekend, so we are able to present only the highlights of the conference.

Analysis of the Discovery Institute's Bibliography: Appendix

Appendix A

The publications listed in the Bibliography

Respondents to NCSE's questionnaire are in boldface.

1. Ying Cao, Axel Janke, Peter J. Waddell, Michael Westerman, Osamu Takenaka, Shigenori Murata, Norihiro Okada, Svante Pääbo, and Masami Hasegawa, "Conflict Among Individual Mitochondrial Proteins in Resolving the Phylogeny of Eutherian Orders," Journal of Molecular Evolution 47 (1998): 307–32

Review: "Tower of Babel"

by Eugenie C. Scott

Tower of Babel: The Evidence Against the New Creationism
by Robert T. Pennock
Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. 1999, $35.

The Creation/Evolution Continuum

by Eugenie C. Scott

Many — if not most — Americans think of the creation and evolution controversy as a dichotomy with "creationists" on one side, and "evolutionists" on the other. This assumption all too often leads to the unfortunate conclusion that because creationists are believers in God, that evolutionists must be atheists. The true situation is much more complicated: creationism comes in many forms, and not all of them reject evolution.


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