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Climate Change: Taking Action

Taking Action logo: A cartoon petition, by Paula Spence for NCSE, 2012

Climate affects the way that we live in a host of ways, and now our changing climate presents a significant challenge to our society. Teaching about the science of climate change, both in formal and informal education, is therefore necessary in order for future citizens to be able to make scientifically informed decisions about the consequences of climate change.

Yet there are obstacles to climate change education. People and organizations who deny or doubt the scientific consensus around climate change have attempted to undermine climate change education. Moreover, even in the absence of such attacks, it is often difficult to find resources or even a niche for teaching climate change within the educational system. Fortunately, there are solutions.

Learn about defending climate change education from the attacks of climate change deniers. Or learn about supporting climate change education within the educational system. Voices for Climate Change Education collects organizational statements in support of teaching about climate change.