Comer v. Scott and Texas Education Agency

All the legal documentation available to us for the case of Christina Castillo Comer v. Robert Scott, in his official capacity as commissioner of the Texas Education Agency, and the Texas Education Agency is provided at the bottom of this page. It is arranged in chronological order.

The ruling dismissing the case can be downloaded here.

Audio of the oral argument from the appeal can be downloaded here (WMA file)

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6/30/08: Original Complaint3.01 MB
8/11/08: Defendants' original answer867.28 KB
8/11/08: Defendants' motion to dismiss3.84 MB
9/18/08: Memorandum of points and authorities in support of Plaintiff's motion for summary judgment and in opposition to Defendant's motion to dismiss3.41 MB
10/17/08: Defendants' opposition, with brief, to Plaintiff's motion for summary judgment1006.51 KB
10/17/08: Plaintiff's opposition to Defendants' motion for summary judgment175.01 KB
11/14/08: Defendant's reply in support of summary judgment697.12 KB
11/14/08: Plaintiff's reply in support of motion for summary judgment798.4 KB
12/24/08: Plaintiff's motion for leave to supplement Plaintiff's statement of material undisputed facts140.5 KB
12/24/08: Plaintiff's supplement to statement of undisputed material facts63.3 KB
1/5/09: Amended Rule CV-7(h) conference certification42.84 KB
2/17/09: Defendant's unopposed request for the Court to take judicial notice of proposed rules3.9 MB
2/18/09: Order granting Defendant's request for judicial notice of proposed rules25.28 KB
2/19/09: Plaintiff's response to Defendant's unopposed request to take judicial notice of proposed rules78.14 KB
2/27/09: Defendant's advisory to the Court of new authority1.25 MB
3/3/09: Plaintiff's response to Defendant's advisory to the Court of new authority72.86 KB
3/31/09: Memorandum, opinion, and order on motion to dismiss and motions for summary judgment798.5 KB
4/30/09: Notice of Appeal49.52 KB
8/6/09: Appellant's (Plaintiff's) Record Excerpts1.2 MB
8/6/09: Brief of Appellant (Plaintiff)208.9 KB
10/15/09: Brief of Appellees1.09 MB
11/13/09: Appellant's reply brief59.85 KB
04/26/10: Oral Arguments (WMA)19.79 MB
7/2/10: Opinion263.46 KB