Need a Speaker?

The degree to which science is under threat in the American classroom comes as a surprise to many people. NCSE believes that it is important for everyone to be aware of the challenges to the teaching of evolution and climate change faced by teachers and communities across the country. Our talented staff can bring dynamic and unique presentations to your community, university, or conference. With deep expertise in evolution, climate change, the history of anti-science efforts in the U.S., effective communication and teaching techniques, and more, an NCSE speaker can make sure that your community is informed, equipped, and inspired to help defend the integrity of the science classroom.

Executive Director

Speaker: Ann Reid

Title: Executive Director, NCSE

Ann Reid's presentations can be tailored to the interests of your specific audience, be they scientists, educators, graduate students, policy makers, or concerned citizens. Topics that can be covered include: how societal controversy over climate change and evolution affects the science classroom, the common playbook used by all science deniers, how to talk about climate change and evolution with doubters, how scientists can be more effective communicators, the role of communities in supporting local science education, how NCSE defends the integrity of the science classroom, and more. 


Speaker: Glenn Branch

Title: Deputy Director, NCSE

Glenn Branch is available to speak on the history and current state of the campaigns against the teaching of evolution in the United States. He can also cover doubt and denial as challenges to and in teaching climate change, creationism and the philosophy of science, creationism and the philosophy of religion, and various specialized topics (including trivia from the Scopes trial).


Speaker: Stephanie Keep

Title: Editor of RNCSE and Director of Special Projects

Stephanie is available to speak to educators or the public about evolution misconceptions and how they are related to the overall problem of evolution acceptance in the United States. She is also available to speak more broadly about teaching and learning evolution, and how doubt, denial, and confusion affect science education.



Speaker: Steven Newton

Title: Programs and Policy Director, NCSE

Steven joined NCSE as a Public Information Project Director in the summer of 2008. He received a B.A. in History from UC Berkeley, with an emphasis in modern German history and early 20th century pseudoscientific movements (eugenics, forced sterilization programs). Switching gears completely, Steven then completed an M.S. in Geology from CSU Hayward, with an emphasis in paleoclimatology. Following graduation, Steven taught geology and oceanography as an adjunct faculty member at a number of Bay Area colleges, where he developed courses in the History of Science and the Geology of the National Parks. In Steven’s spare 15 minutes/week (divided equally into 2:08 minute blocks per day), he enjoys racing sailboats and sculpting in marble and bronze.



Speaker: Emily Schoerning, Ph.D.

Title: Director of Community Organizing and Research, NCSE

Emily Schoerning can help your audience learn how to build dialog around science. Her hands-on approach helps participants acquire and practice dialog-promoting skills. She is available to speak and lead workshops on strategies for teaching culturally sensitive topics, as well as linguistic methods to improve science communication in the classroom. Other topics for the general public include evolution in microbiology and disease, and the relationship between evolution and diverse world religions.