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NCSE Advisory Council

NCSE is proud and grateful for the official support of many distinguished scientists, scholars, and educators. Affiliations are listed for the purposes of identification only.

Eugenie C. Scott, Chair
Bruce Alberts — University of California, San Francisco
Francisco J. Ayala — University of California, Irvine
Frederick Borsch — Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
Stephen G. Brush — University of Maryland
Sean B. Carroll — University of Wisconsin, Madison
Johnnetta B. Cole — Smithsonian Institution
Joel Cracraft — American Museum of Natural History
Brent Dalrymple — Oregon State University
James E. Darnell, Jr. — Rockefeller University
Richard E. Dickerson — University of California, Los Angeles
Robert H. Dott, Jr. — University of Wisconsin, Madison
James D. Ebert† — Chesapeake Institute of Johns Hopkins University
Niles Eldredge — American Museum of Natural History
Milton Fingerman — Tulane University
Douglas J. Futuyma — State University of New York, Stony Brook
Alfred G. Gilman — University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Laurie Godfrey — University of Massachusetts
Ursula Goodenough — Washington University in St. Louis
Stephen J. Gould† — Harvard University
James Hansen — NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Donald Hornig — Harvard University
Norman H. Horowitz† — California Institute of Technology
Clark Howell† — University of California, Berkeley
Duane E. Jeffery — Brigham Young University
Donald Johanson — Institute of Human Origins
Patricia Kelley — University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Philip Kitcher — Columbia University
Richard C. Lewontin — Harvard University
Michael MacCracken — Climate Institute
Paul MacCready† — Aerovironment, Inc.
Michael E. Mann — Penn State University
Lynn Margulis† — University of Massachusetts
Malcolm McKenna† — American Museum of Natural History
Bill McKibben —
Keith B. Miller — Kansas State University
Kenneth Miller — Brown University
John A. Moore† — University of California, Riverside
David Morrison — NASA Ames
Dorothy Nelkin† — New York University
Bill Nye — The Science Guy
Kevin Padian — University of California, Berkeley
William S. Pollitzer† — University of North Carolina
Robert L. Park — University of Maryland
Joseph E. Rall† — National Institutes of Health
James Randi — conjuror
Michael Ruse — Florida State University
James W. Skehan, S.J. — Weston Observatory
Elliott Sober — University of Wisconsin, Madison
Frank Sonleitner — University of Oklahoma
Richard Stucky — Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Marvalee Wake — University of California, Berkeley
Mary Jane West-Eberhard — Smithsonian Institution
Tim D. White — University of California, Berkeley
† -- deceased

Last updated April 28, 2014