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Publications. NCSE Reports, Special Publications, Videos and More.

Since incorporating in 1982, NCSE has produced a series of publications reporting on the creationism/evolution controversy and providing resources for activists. In 2012, NCSE began incorporating reports and resources concerning controversies over the teaching of climate change.

Reports of the National Center for Science Education

Our current flagship publication, the Reports of the National Center for Science Education, or RNCSE, gives wide coverage of all aspects of the creationism/evolution controversy, and controversies over instruction in global warming and other climate change issues.

Effective in 2011, with volume 31, peer-reviewed articles, features, and book reviews in RNCSE appear on-line, and only on-line, at These materials are freely available.

Members receive a print version of RNCSE in the mail, containing abstracts of the on-line material as well as news from the staff, updates from fellow members, and special members-only features. For details of the change, see Coming Soon: A New RNCSE in RNCSE 30(4). A subscription to the print version of RNCSE is included with membership in NCSE.

Selected articles from each issue of RNCSE from volume 17 through volume 30 are freely available on-line.

Evolution Education Update

This weekly e-mail newsletter recaps the key stories of the week, plus details about conferences, appearances by NCSE staff, and other events. Subscribing to the Update is free and open to all. To sign up, go here.

NCSE Reports

NCSE published its in-house journal as NCSE Reports (NCSER), through 1996. Beginning with volume 17, NCSER merged with Creation/Evolution Journal and the new publication was named Reports of the National Center for Science Education. Selected content from NCSE Reports is available here.

Creation/Evolution Journal

Published from 1980 to 1996, Creation/Evolution Journal, or CEJ, provides a valuable documentary record of the creationism/evolution controversy in those years. The complete run of CEJ is now available here in PDF format.

Revised January 2012